The first activity at the site shall be establishment of the campus for labor and offices. It is expected that around 80 skilled and unskilled labors shall be utilized at the peak for performing the work; therefore, all the activities shall be planned accordingly. One Project manager shall be available at site all times during execution. At the management team one site engineer together with two supervisors shall be utilized. All the campus, site offices warehouses, as temporary buildings shall be demolished upon completion of the project while construction of temporary facilities, transportation of equipment and tools shall be done. During initial stages of the project, heavy equipments such as excavators, dozers may be used from our source or leased from the local sources.

Construction activity shall be started with topographic survey and demolition of existing facilities, cleaning of the sites, leveling and excavation for the foundation. Excavation for foundations shall be carried out through mechanical excavators precisely according to their levels and design.

For the formwork of columns, steel formwork shall be used for fast installation for the rest of the structural parts, water proof plywood shall be used for the support of the formwork of the slabs, and steel props shall be used.

The concrete for various parts of the building shall be produced at the batching yard through volumetric concrete mixers. Proper internal vibrators shall be used during pouring of the concrete for proper consolidation. During cold weather, concrete additives shall be used and a protection shall be applied for the curing Period. For the hot weather, required measures shall be taken during mixing and curing of the concrete.

While producing concrete for structural parts of the building such as columns slabs, etc. five test samples shall be taken at the mixer. Two cubes shall be tested at the age of seven days and three at twenty-eight days to confirm the strengths of the concrete. The laboratory tests shall be carried out by an independent organization such as government testing laboratory etc.

For the walls, an approved factory manufactured bricks/blocks shall be used for all Bricks/Block works, test certificates of the bricks/blocks shall be provided to ensure their quality.

Steel structures parts shall be manufactured at the proper manufacturing plant through certified welders. Subject to approval of the engineer, we may use alternative materials for various parts of the building, such as roofing, windows etc. to improve the quality and durability of the structure. In case of such alternative materials. ERRA support through employer shall be needed for import of the material for the necessary permission.

Wooden parts of the building shall be executed at site through a proper workshop run by carpenters. Seasoned wood shall be used for such parts of the buildings.

Upon completion of the construction works, landscaping and external works shall be carried out.