Sr. #Name Of WorkClientPeriodAmount
1P/I of street light uplifting of lighting level at Unity, Faith and Discipline Islamabad. CDA20051.03 Million
2P/I of additional St Light Poles on Garden Avenue from I-8 intersection to Kashmir High Way Ibd..CDA20055.41 Million
3Repair/Maint/Restoration of St light system in G-10, G-11 & F-11 (Rate Running Contract). CDA2005 - 20062.70 Million
4P/I of High Mast Poles in G-11 Mkz Islamabad.CDA20062.27 Million
5Replacement of MV Lamps to SON lamps at main road Sector G-11 Islamabad.CDA20060.74 Million
6Replacement of MV lamps with SON lamps at Road Sector G-10 Islamabad.CDA20061.47 Million
7Contact for St Light Material to meet the Quarterly programmer / Target of 100% operation of St Light, allover Islamabad. CDA2006 - 200716.95 Million
8Rate Running Contract for Repair/Maint/Restoration and Energization of St Light System Installed in Sector G-10, G-11 & F-11 Islamabad.CDA2006 - 20074.93 Million
9P/I of High Mast Poles in Parks/Markets at various locations of G-11 Islamabad.CDA20071.12 Million
10P/I of street light poles in sector G-11/1 (St-1, 156), G-11/2 (St 29) Islamabad.CDA20071.69 Million
11Replacement of 250W MV lamps with 250W SON lamps in sector F-11 Islamabad.CDA20071.98 Million
12Rehb/Ren of street light system in F-11/1 Islamabad.CDA20071.16 Million
13Rehb/Ren of street light system at 3rd road G-10/4 Islamabad.CDA20071.09 Million
14Rehb/Ren of street light system at G-10/2 Islamabad.CDA20071.57 Million
15P/I of road light poles at Double road Karam Road b/w sector G-9/1&2 Islamabad.CDA20072.83 Million
16P/I of Flood Lights Poles at G-9 Markaz Islamabad.CDA20072.15 Million
17Reh/Renov of St Light System in 12th Avenue F-11/1 & 2 Islamabad.CDA20071.27 Million
18P/I of Automatic St Light System in G-8 & G-9 Islamabad.CDA20072.58 Million
19Reh/Renov of St Light System in Sector F-11/3 Islamabad.CDA20071.13 Million
20Improvement of Road Lights at Jinnah Avenue to Attaturk Chowk to Faisal Chowk (Khyber Plaza)CDA20075.38 Million
21Reh/Renov of St Light System at I & T Centre G-8/4 Islamabad.CDA20082.50 Million
22Imp of St Light System in Blocks B & D type Sector G-9/2 Islamabad.CDA20083.28 Million
23Provision of High Mast Poles at different Parks & Markets G-11/1 & 2 Islamabad.CDA20080.85 Million
24Reh/Ren of street light system in F-11/2 Islamabad.CDA20081.77 Million
25Provision of High Mast Poles with Flood lights in Newly constructed kids play area, link bridges between different Streets in Sector G-8/1, Islamabad.CDA20081.94 Million
26Provision of Road Lights for Dualization for SR (South) Mouve Area G-8 to G-10 Islamabad.CDA2008-200919.30 Million