Following mechanical & electrical equipment is at the disposal of the firm:

Sr. #ParticularsQuantity
175 Tons Press1
250 Tons Press1
325 Tons Press1
45 Tons Press1
5Lathe Heavy Duty dia 400mm2
6Lathe Light Duty dia 260mm4
7Sharper 24”1
8Plate Rolling Machine 20 x 2000mm1
9Plate Rolling Machine 10 x 2000mm2
10Pipe Bending Attachment for Making Coils1
11Hydraulic Compressor1
12Heavy/Light Duty Drill Machines6
13Hand Ratchet2
14Welding Transformer5
15Welding Generators5
16Gas Welding Plants2
172 KW Portable Generator1
18Automatic Pipe Copying Gas Cutting Machine1
19Semi-Automatic Gas Cutting Machine4
20Manual Crane 5 Tons1
21Manual Gas Cutting Machine4
22Ratch Lever Hoists2
23Mechanical Jacks upto 50 Tons4
24Chain Pulley upto 10 with Anchor Shackle And wire sling/Manila Rapes10
25Pulley Block & Sheeves of various Sizes20
26Concrete Testing Hammers4
28Reel Lifting Jacks with Stand4
29Portable Power-Factor Meter2
30Clip-on Voltmeter2
31Clip-on KW Meter2
32Clip on Power factor Meter2
33Portable WATT/WAR Recorder2
34Earth Resistance Tester2
35Insul-Resist-Tester (Meggar)2
36Test Generator for HV Detector2
37Lineman’s Tool Boxes2
38Tool Boxes of Cable Jointers Kit2
39Concrete Mixing Machines2
40First Aid Boxes2

Logistic facilities:

The following logistic facilities are at the disposal of the firm:

  1. Telephone/Fax
  2. Cars
  3. Trucks
  4. Tractors/Trolleys
  5. Motor Cycles
  6. Shahzore
  7. Chamber Suzuki.